Greater Fall River Medical Reserve Corps Unit Profile

Community/Jurisdiction Served:

Fall River, Somerset, Swansea, and Westport, MA
Sponsoring Organization:
Fall River Department of Health and Human Services

Date Established:

Unit Information:

Alvin L. McMahon, Coordinator

Greater Fall River MRC

%Town Nurse Office

115 Wood St

Somerset, MA 02726

Phone: 401-864-1597


The Greater Fall River Medical Reserve Corps (GFRMRC) will
organize professionals and laypeople in the communities of Fall
River, Somerset, Swansea, and Westport Massachusetts.

The mission of GFRMRC is to identify and prepare individuals who
want to volunteer their time to respond in the event of a medical
emergency in the community.
The GFRMRC will recruit volunteers from the following sectors - the
Boards of Health, public safety agencies, hospitals and medical
community, behavioral health and other human service
organizations, neighborhood organizations, faith-based groups,
and the public at large.
The GFRMRC was founded at an initial organizing meeting of many
of the above organizations on 8/17/2006.
However, these same organizations have collaborated on other
forms of emergency planning for the past several years, including
regional emergency preparedness coalitions and local "All-Hazard"
Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans.

Volunteer Count:
Physicians 2
Physician Assistants 0
Nurse Practitioners 3
Nurses 127
Pharmacists 2
Dentists 0
Veterinarians 0
Mental Health Professionals 7
EMS Professionals 4
Respiratory Therapists 0
Other Public Health/Medical 22
Non-Public Health/Medical 63
Total 230

Recent Activities:

Bristol County MRC Resource and Information Day

Hot Topics in Public Health MRSA;Pandemic Flu;Vector Borne
Illness; Healthcare associated infections

Swansea MRC Chapter monthly meeting
to discuss recruitment and the upcoming deployment in June.

Behavioral Health Disaster Response Training - UMASS Dartmouth
Campus. Several GFRMRC volunteers and staff attended.
This training provided psychological first aid for volunteers and is a
targeted training to assist every MRC volunteer to provide
assistance to victims and to take care of themselves during times of
emergency. This training meets
the core competency of psych first aid.